• 2017 Ministry Trip | Korea & Hong Kong

    Dear Ekko, 

    Pastor Bryan, Isaac and I had the privilege and honor of serving & ministering to two vibrant, spirit-filled communities at New Philadelphia Church (Seoul, South Korea) and Solomon’s Porch (Hong Kong) over the last 10 days. 

    We've experienced and witnessed so many breakthroughs throughout this camp and it has been a joy watching the Holy Spirit do work. Over the course of the trip, I could feel God’s desire for everyone to find wholeness in Him. God has moved so powerfully, gently, supernaturally, and so specifically. It was such a joy to be able to serve these communities and witness the communion of saints around the globe. God is on the move—in us, through us, and all around us. 

    Ekko, from the bottom of our hearts, 

    Thank you for your prayers. We felt your covering for this trip from beginning to end and in key moments during this trip. 

    Thank you for your persistence in living out the call of Christ in your lives. Your life of long-suffering obedience is inspiring communities around the world. 

    Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. We could not have done this without you. 

    Our hearts are full and so grateful to the Lord and for you. 

    Here is a brief snippet of our last 10 days

    Saturday, August 12 | We arrived in Seoul, South Korea ready to serve and minister. 

    Sunday, August 13
    | We had such a great time worshipping with New Philadelphia. Pastor Bryan preached a powerful word at their Hongdae Campus. 

    Monday, August 14
    | We began the first of our three sessions with New Philadelphia's Campus Pastors. 

    Tuesday, August 15
    | We continued our time with the Campus Pastors and experienced divine moments of breakthrough. 

    What a loving, anointed, and amazing group of pastors. It was such a joy to hear their stories and visions given to them from the Lord. We cannot wait to witness how God will continue to work in and through them. 

    Wednesday, August 16
    | We began our second camp of the trip with New Philadelphia's Campus Pastors and Staff! 

    Thursday, August 17
    | What an amazing staff and group of leaders. Our hearts were so grateful for our time together. What a blessing it was to pray, serve, and partner together. We genuinely felt God's love for them and fell in love with their tribe. This concluded our trip in Korea! Onto Solomon's Porch in Hong Kong! 

    Friday, August 18 | We arrived in Hong Kong safely and with renewed energy for time with Solomon's Porch.

    Pastor Bryan shared a powerful word about preparing for God's weight of glory. 

    Saturday, August 19
    | We had the opportunity to train and pray with the house church leaders of Solomon's Porch. 

    Discussing the importance of prayer for leaders. 

    Sunday, August 20
    | Pastor Bryan preached three different messages at Solomon's Porch! 

    Isaac shared a powerful message about becoming like Christ to Solomon's Porch Youth! 

    What I've learned on this trip

    The importance of praying and hearing God's voice. 

    I like to have things planned. I don't like surprises, but so many times during this trip, the Lord has pivoted us in another direction based on his heart for his people. I've learned that our lives as Thomas Merton says is truly a life of listening. It's only when we give our ears to the Lord, that we can tune ourselves in to what God wants to do. Often it is convenient to follow through our plans, but giving space for God to speak was such an integral part of our trip. 

    The importance of sharing the weight of God's glory. 

    I've had the opportunity to spend the last 10 days with Pastor Bryan and Isaac. We each had a specific role and part to play. 

    The importance of having "big" faith in God. 

    Throughout this trip I've been challenged to have a new perspective on what God can do beyond what I can fathom or imagine. To believe in God for things that are impossible for me to see and believe in. 


    may we continue in 


    persist in Christ-like living

    & partner together to bear the weight of God's glory in our tribe

    With much love and thanks, your brother in Christ, 

    Sung Kim