• 2016 Orthopraxis Testimony | Olivia Liang

    Orthopraxis opened up my heart and allowed me to explore more of my faith. There were so many blessings throughout this journey: my perfectly and divinely curated Orthopraxis group, learning discipline in discipleship, and being able to grow with believers who truly understand me on a fundamental level. Two things really stood out to me during Orthopraxis: scripts & mantras and the Grand Narrative.

    One of the most impactful parts of Orthopraxis for me was discovering why I am the way that I am through personal ministry. I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for about 15 years, which is a huge chunk of my 23 years of life. After learning about scripts and mantras, I was able to pinpoint the cause of my attacks and start to speak truth over myself. I have not had an attack since starting Orthopraxis, and I don’t plan to have anymore. Learning about my scripts and mantras also made me more sensitive to the scripts of others, particularly those who have “hurt” me in my life. Understanding that everyone has scripts they are operating from has allowed me to view them and myself with more grace.

    Secondly, learning about the Grand/Meta-Narrative made me aware (embarrassingly, for the first time) of the Bible as a whole story with a beginning, middle, and an end. I was able to see my part in building God’s kingdom and own my authority as a daughter of the most Sovereign King.

    I know this is only the beginning. We are now at the base of the mountain and there is much more climbing to do, and it is definitely not going to be easy, but Orthopraxis has fueled me—it has filled my oxygen tank and I am ready to start climbing. I am equipped with the Truth, I have my team ready to push me, encourage me, edit me, and I myself have the determination to dive deeper into relationship with our Good Father.

    Olivia is an actress who has appeared in commercials and television shows. Since graduating from Orthopraxis, she has enrolled in Pneuma Advance and enjoys watching the Spirit move miraculously in her life. She currently attends Hacienda Heights Ekklesia.