• 2016 Orthopraxis Testimony | Kevin MacDougall

    In the years between taking my faith seriously and coming regularly to Ekko, God was developing me in meaningful ways. I began to take sin seriously, I started sabbathing, I scratched the surface of engaging poverty. Those seven years felt like wandering into a gym and sampling each machine for a workout. Every week a new sermon, every month a new conviction, every two years a new paradigm. To be sure, I’m better for those years, and I’d be slow to trade them. That said, I have little muscle to speak of considering the time I’ve spent in this gym.

    Orthopraxis, for me, has been a call to listen to the personal trainer. It’s been a call to give myself to discipline in the basics.

    I read the Bible, but I need to read it regularly so God’s words whisper like lyrics.
    I pray, but I need to learn how to pray regularly so I can hear God move.
    I need to confront and uproot the fears and anxieties that keep sin on my doorstep.
    I need to partner with the Holy Spirit every day.

    I kind of wish it was more dramatic. But honestly, if I don’t switch out the daily rituals and practices that are the foundation of my lifestyle, then anything dramatic would simply be another year of wandering the gym.

    Kevin is a graduate of UC Irvine and is currently enrolled in a master's program for architecture at UCLA. He is engaged to the love of his life, Leslie, and they are set to be married next year. He is a part of Irvine #2 Ekklesia.