• 2016 Orthopraxis Testimony | Stella Kim

    Everything about Orthopraxis impacted my life deeply. There is not a single aspect of Orthopraxis (the realignment of my truths, the dependence on and vulnerability with community, the demand for discipline) that did not impact me in a deep and much needed way. The whole process was really a process of healing, redemption, and restoration for me. I have shared with my group that this last year and a half (a journey that started with our family coming to Ekko last February) culminating with Orthopraxis has been such a testimony of God’s initiating and seeking after me. Our lives have changed so much for the better – our marriage, our parenting, our time management, our giving, our loving. He is speaking louder than ever and I can hear Him clearer than ever.

    I have always known God to be my Saviour, and learned I need to let Him be King—but He has really moved and shown Himself through Orthopraxis to be my Redeemer. Through the process of removing my false selves with my Ortho group, in covenant relationships, I was able to see my past for the first time through lenses I’ve never seen through before.

    My past made so much sense now.
    I make so much sense now.

    And through a process of confessing, grieving, praying, and receiving forgiveness, love and healing with my Ortho group, I have experienced redemption and restoration in a way I never ever imagined possible.

    At Sync last year, we had to write the story of our lives on music sheets, and I titled mine “Beauty from Ashes” as I looked upon all the death and destruction that littered the past decades of my life in dreary and dark notes. I titled it painfully and prayerfully hoping that somehow these ashes could be turned into beauty one day. I can truly say that the day has come! Everything that was once dead and secret and horrific was turned into beauty when the beautiful light of my Ortho sisters’ love hit those notes. Today’s music measures are now filled with hope, redemption, restoration and the gift of no more shame! I will remember Ortho for the rest of my life as a turning point in my climb up the mountain—I found footing and gripping for my feet and hands because I was surrounded by the love of my Ortho sisters who helped me heal. And now I am impassioned to bring healing to others.

    Stella is married to the love of her life, Danny, and has two beautiful girls Gracie and Ava. She works in the health care field under business development and is set to join Ekko as a member in November 2016.